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FVTRS - Bridging the Skills Gap for Marginalized Youth

In India, persistent high school dropout rates, limited skill levels, and increasing migration have left rural communities, particularly those belonging to scheduled castes, tribes, and other excluded groups, trapped in a cycle of chronic poverty. The urban landscape presents its own challenges, as the unskilled workforce faces the demanding requirements of the city, where skilled labor is in high demand, and living standards are on the rise. This vulnerability is especially acute among marginalized communities.

The Unorganized Sector: A staggering 85% of India's working population is engaged in the unorganized sector, with over 120 million women forming a significant part of this workforce. Yet, there has been no systematic effort to equip them with improved skills or update and diversify their existing ones. Formal vocational and technical training institutes often require a minimum qualification of 10th grade, leaving those who can't attain this level, typically from the most marginalized backgrounds, without access to opportunities. This glaring gap in support calls for urgent attention to ensure inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

Addressing the Skills Gap: To confront this pressing issue; BDSSS has joined hands with FVTRS for Vocational Training and Rural Skill Development (FVTRS). Together, we are committed to providing skilling and training opportunities to young dropouts, opening doors to modern-day job prospects and self-employment options. Our collective mission is to bridge the skills gap and empower individuals from marginalized communities to break free from the shackles of poverty.

Vocational Training for a Brighter Future: Through this partnership, BDSSS and FVTRS offer vocational training across a spectrum of fields, including motor driving, fashion, beauty, mechanics, and computers, among others. Our training programs go beyond technical skills, encompassing soft skills and entrepreneurship development, equipping individuals with the holistic skill set required to thrive in today's job market.