Welcome to (BDSSS)

Welcome to Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS) :

Though service to the society is the essential nature of social work, yet development is generally seen as a way to improve a community's "well-being" in social, economic, and environmental terms. The initial seeds of Social Apostolate in the Diocese of Belgaum were being sown and initiated by the Jesuits, wherein the Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS) sprang in the year 1992 and was being established in the year 1997. Ever since its initiation, Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society has been constantly rendering its selfless service especially focusing on the poor and the marginalized through various programs such as Women Empowerment, Children Enhancement, Empowerment of the Elderly, Youth Animation, Empowerment of Urban Poor, Integrated Rural Development, Health and Hygiene, Natural Resource Management, Integrated Development through Empowering Actions, Sustainability through Participation, Empowerment and Decentralization, Relief/Rehabilitation/Disaster Management, Community Based Rehabilitation, Livelihood Enhancement and Capacity Building.

Our Initiation

BDSSS initiated its social apostolate in a welfare mode. During the course, the process of the Organization shifted to developmental mode, focusing on integrated/participatory/right based approach towards the community development through the empowerment of rural and urban poor, strengthening of developed structures and systems, integration of all the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) at grassroots level, mainstreaming families with integrated approach in farm and non-farm sectors, value addition by integration of programmes, networking, advocacy and lobbying. The strength of Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society lies in the networking and collaboration with various Faith Based Organizations, Government Organizations, like-minded Non-Governmental Organizations, Voluntary Organizations and various funding organizations both national as well as international towards the overall growth and development of the poor and the marginalized.

The initiation and formation of Alliance for Integral Social Action, the diocesan social network, is a major asset in the Diocese of Belgaum for a collaborative approach in undertaking various developmental and charitable activities and related issues.


Our Mission : Formation of Just Human Society Based on Justice, Peace and Love.


Our Vision : Restoring Dignity of the Poor and the Marginalized Through Empowerment Process


* To empower the rural and urban poor, slum dwellers, the unorganized people through a process of awareness creation.
* Organizing people’s Movement, so that they become self-reliant in socio, economic, political and cultural spheres.
* To promote and facilitate integrated development particularly for the disadvantaged and weaker sections of the society.
* To empower women and make them self-reliant and for a collective action by promoting saving and thrift activities.
* To promote community health and herbal medicine.
* To provide legal aid and educate the community on human rights.
* To rehabilitate the lepers and slum dwellers and promote cottage and small-scale industries.
* To promote Integrated Development for women, youth and children, and make use of the Government schemes and facilities for their development.
* Disaster Management and Risk Reduction.
* To form Children’s Clubs, especially of the non-school going children and develop their talents.
* To facilitate sustainable agriculture and ensure farmers’ enhancement
* To provide opportunity to the poor in gainful earning by Income Generating Activities.

Organization's Legal Status:

  • Government of Karnataka Society Registration Act, 1960(No./DR/SOR/177/97-98 dated 14th November, 1997).

  • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 (0 9 4 4 4 0 0 7 1 dated 29.06.2000).

  • PAN: AAAAB 3195 N TAN: BLRB 04223 C 12 A Reg. No.: F. No. 87/CIT-BGM/2001-02 dated 26th November, 2001.

  • Recognized Under Section 80G of the Income-Tax Act, 1961 156/80G (Ren)/CIT-BGM/2010-11 dated 14th September, 2010.