COVID 2nd wave

BDSSS and its COVID-19 Relief – 2nd Wave

COVID-19 has impacted billions of lives around the world. Governments, individuals, businesses and civil society organizations are battling to save lives, support families and keep businesses and organizations afloat. During these unprecedented times, the role of NGOs has become paramount iin combating the coronavirus and its impact on society’s most vulnerable populations, especially in the underserved regions where government services are struggling. The Dicoese of Belgaum serves peoople in one of the most underserved areas of the state of Karnataka.

One of the pivotal roles of BDSSS, since its inception in 1997 is to diminish Disaster Risk Reduction. It has been the organization’s endeavor to not only provide instant aid but also bridge the gap between institutional guidelines and local realities by empowering Community Based Organizations (CBOs) through Community-based education. In the floods of 2019, BDSSS spent more than Rs. 5 Crores for different phases of relief activities with the help of Local/Indian/Foreign donors and by partnering with big corporate names such as Collins Aerospace through Caritas India.

The first wave support that BDSSS leveraged was more of an instant support by providing food-kits, cooked food, sanitizers and other preventive aid; however, the second wave demanded more effort. It overwhelmed the healthcare system, leaving hospitals struggling to cope and oxygen in short supply resulting in casualties.

BDSSS supported communities through the following relief:

BDSSS expended Rs. 64,31,000/- as part of its relief work in the second wave of the pandemic. The entire management and staff conveys its heartfelt gratitude to Caritas India, Caritas Germany, Siemens Caring Hands, Deccan Herald and Prajavani Relief Trust, KROSS and the other donors for their love and appreciation. May God bless us and bring healing to the people of our nation.