Success Stories

Sumitra Bhusannavar – From Cancer to Social Dignity

Sumitra, 41, is from Mummigatti village of Dharwad district. Mummigatti is 15 kilometers from Dharwad city and has been a constant hub of cancer awareness programmes under the campaign that BDSSS incepted in December 2019. SPARSHA Cancer Campaign is driven by the principles of Equity, Locally driven initiatives, Local partnerships and sustainability.

It was in early 2018 that Sumitra first got confirmed of breast cancer. Initially, she would suffer with breast pain – subtle in the beginning but started piercing with every passing week. Dr. Bhandari, Sumitra’s family doctor, suggested that it was a simple acidity but one day Sumitra bled from her nipple. That was the day she was devastated like never before. She was referred to Dr. Chidanand Ramangouda, one of the famous doctors of Dharwad. Necessary testing was done and the disease was confirmed.

Dr. Ramangouda recommended amputation of the breast via surgery that eventually happened in March 2018. Dr. Kattimani from R.B. Patil Cancer Hospital Navanagar, Hubli, operated Sumitra in Dr. Ramangouda’s hospital in Dharwad. The operation was successful; however, the chemo process brought physical as well as psychological pain. Sumitra stopped mingling with people completely as she lost all her hair. “I was always away from people as I felt extremely ugly without my hair” said a sobbing Sumitra when Sujata, BDSSS’ Cancer Campaign Co-ordinator met her at her home. It was then when Sujata took the initiative of counseling her and inspiring her psychologically.

Sujata conducted multiple meetings and counseled her with help from the volunteer doctors that support the campaign. “I started feeling good after Sujata madam met me. The doctors and their guidance were very helpful in dealing with my agony” said Sumitra. Today, as we bring this story to you, Sumitra has found solace and accepted herself as she is. She’s a champion cancer survivor and a role model for many – with or without cancer. BDSSS’ relentless efforts and Sumitra’s zeal to accept life situations as they come made her greet life with arms wide open. The lady who once tried suicide is living life king-size now. Big salutes and three cheers to this brave woman!