Empower Others

The greatest good you can do for another - Benjamin Disraeli

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Act Now

The time is always right to do what is right- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Diversity makes for a rich tapestry, We must understand - Maya Angelou

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Joy Of Giving

There is neither greater joy nor greater reward - Mary Rose McGeady

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Welcome to Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS)

Though service to the society is the essential nature of social work, yet development is generally seen as a way to improve a community's "well-being" in social, economic, and environmental terms. The initial seeds of Social Apostolate in the Diocese of Belgaum were being sown and initiated by the Jesuits, wherein the Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS) sprang in the year 1992 and was being established in the year 1997.

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Though service to the society is the essential nature of social work, yet development is generally seen as a way to improve a community's "well-being" in social, economic, and environmental terms.

BDSSS works with scores of children in all its work areas to give them access to quality education, food, shelter and rescue them from harmful situations. Innovations such as Community Managed Child Resource Centre (CMCRC) have been flourished in villages and slums to ensure that children have community support and thereby, safety nets of high quality and quantity.

Women are empowered through enhanced awareness, financial literacy and inclusion in BDSSS. The power of self help groups, access to micro-credit and banking and financial linkages work wonders for the women from the most deprived sections of the society. BDSSS also supports former Devadasi women in the quest to make them financially independent through micro enterprises, alternative livelihood and entrepreneurship.

BDSSS works with 80 Elderly Self help Group’s consisting of 550 senior citizens Periodical training sessions, awareness programs, linkage to Government departments, referral to health department to get health services, advocacy and lobbying with various stakeholders to demand for the rights of the elderly and enabling the elders to avail seed capital to start their own small scale business to improve their economic conditions are the key deliverables.

Environment Care :

BDSSS Namma Parisara shoulders the fundamental responsibility of creating ample awareness of 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It works in proximity with individual households, women groups, residential apartments, self-help groups, small, average and large size organizations, educational institutions, corporate companies and other stakeholders in collecting dry waste from their doorsteps, segregate and recycle with a social touch of rehabilitating and empowering poor women, children, elderly people and other marginalized communities.


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BDSSS Development Sunday

"BDSSS works to empower the most marginalised and vulnerable in 5 districts of Karnataka and Chandgad taluka of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. Spread the word and help us achieve social good in our work areas. Your contribution is highly appreciated"

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Welcome to (BDSSS)

Our Initiation

BDSSS initiated its social apostolate in a welfare mode. During the course, the process of the Organization shifted to developmental mode, focusing on integrated/participatory/right based approach towards the community development

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Our Mission : Formation of Just Human Society Based on Justice, Peace and Love.

Our Vision : Restoring Dignity of the Poor and the Marginalized Through Empowerment Process

Objectives : To empower the rural and urban poor, slum dwellers, the unorganized people through a process of awareness creation.

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